We offer weekly, monthly, and session prepay payment options.  For each program your child enrolls in, a non-refundable registration fee is due at the beginning of the session.  Multi-class discounts are available.  

Registration Fee (non-refundable):  $19
Weekly Class Fee:  $8 (per 45-minute class lesson)
Classes meet once a week.  Weekly class fees are due before the start of each class attended during student check-in.

​Session Monthly Prepay
Class/Program:  $32/mo.

Session Prepay (15-week session info listed below)
Contact office for prepay amount specific to your location/program.  Class fees may be paid weekly.  If you wish to prepay for the entire session, you will receive the last class free of charge (or specified % discounts below).  Prepaid classes not attend will not be refunded or eligible for account credit. 

   1st Class/Program:  $131
         $19 registration + $112 class fees (last class free!)

   Multi-Class Discounts
   2nd Class/Program:  $118 (10% discount on second class fees)
         $131 + $118 = $249

   3rd Class/Program:  $105 (20% discount on third class fees)
         $131 + $118 + $105 = 354

registration & weekly class fees

pom & cheer, hip hop, & jazz/ballet dance