Monday Evening:

​    Hayes Middle School

Tuesday Evening:

    Alamosa Community Center has relocated to:

      Chavez Plaza

Thursday Evening:

​    Los Padillas Community Center

    Paradise Hills Community Center


Fall & Spring Session:  During the fall and spring sessions, we have a large number of classes to choose from in Albuquerque.  At the end of each session, all enrolled Jazz & Ballet dance students are invited to participate in the All-Star Youth Showcase competition.  Uniform costs and Special Event competition fees are not included in the standard session costs.  Only those that choose to participate in a Special Event are required to purchase a uniform.  Contact the ASY for more details.    

**Class times and locations are subject to change without notice.**

Jazz & Ballet Dance

*Full schedule of Spring 2018 classes located in the Albuquerque area*

Classes meet once a week.

You may register in class 10 minutes before scheduled class time.